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Advertise With Us

Wish to advertise your hotel at Phick1.com?
- The advertisement (banners or images) will be allocated at the individual hotel page (1 x top header) or (right side) of your hotel.
- Advertisement rate from just *USD3.00 per month. Please contact us for the advertisement rates.
- Rates are subject to change. Customers with insertion orders are rate-protected until the end of the order or contract period.
- Discount is available for advertising periods of 1 year and above.
- All advertisement banner and payment must be received at least two (2) business days before publication day.
- No banner design service is provided.
- Phick1.com is open to suggestion for different placement.

Term and Condition:

*Phick1.com will not be responsible for the loss of material in transit.

*While all effort will be taken to keep the website running 24/7, Phick1.com will not compensate advertisers for server or website downtime for a period less than 8 hours. Should a shutdown of the site occur for a period longer than 8 hours, advertisers will be compensated by an additional 24 hours of advertising.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.


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